Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do You Poken?

As you may have been wondering, what exactly is a Poken?

Well, a Poken is a tiny and cute electronic device that allows you to exchange all your online information with other people! No more writing down numbers, or keying contact details in your phone. Do you know how hard that is at times when you’re meeting a ton of new people… all at once?

With a Poken you’ll do it instantly and when you get back home, plug it into your PC or MAC (via USB) and you’ll be able to see information of the people that you’ve Pokened! Isn’t that amazing?

What’s better still is the fact that when the people you’ve Pokened with update their information, you’ll also get the latest info.

But hang on a minute, if you’re worried about your privacy when exchanging data you’ll also be able to show those people a certain amount of information, like maybe only business info and with close friends or that cute guy your full info :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Digital Broadcasting by 2015

Malaysian TV viewers would have to buy special decoders to watch programmes when digital programming replaced the current analogue system by 2015.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monster Standard® THX-Certified Speaker Cable

With a good sound system it should be connect with a good quality speaker cable in order to enjoy the quality of the sound. Todays all-in-one home theater systems can deliver high definition picture and a larger-than-life surround sound in compact, convenient packages. Keep in mind, though, your system is only as good as the cables you use to connect it. If youre using the cables that come in the box, youre not getting all the performance you paid for.

cable that come in the box

Selecting the correct thickness for your home theater wiring is important as it affects the speakers' performance; it will impact the speakers' ability to deliver the explosive effects in home theater sound.

The thickness of a wire conductive copper part is identified by its Wire Gauge, normally expressed either in AWG (American Wire Gauge) or SWG (British Standard Wire Gauge). The British standard represent a thicker wire for the same wire gauge number.

Irrespective of the standard you use, a lower the gauge number related to a thicker wire, and a better capacity to pass the amplified audio signal. Good quality speaker wires fall in the range 12 to 16 AWG.

Even with short runs, AWG 18 is the minimum thickness you can go.

When choosing speaker wire, consider the quality of your gear. In other words, the build-up quality of the speaker wire should match that of your speakers and amplifier. Ensure also that your speaker wire support the power rating of your sound system.

However that quality comes at an expense; thicker home theater wiring is more expensive; hence keep an eye on your available budget.

Therfore, it is recomended to get a quality cable such as the Monster Standard® THX-Certified Speaker Cable which I've bought.

Monster Standard® THX-Certified Speaker Cable

The Features of this cable are as below:

Discover the Monster Difference: Better Performance, Maximum Hookup Convenience

Monster Standard® THX-Certified Speaker Cable features three times more copper content than other cables. This improves power transfer to your speakers so you get the full dynamic range of sound from your favorite movies and music, resulting in a richer, more involving listening experience.

• 24k gold contact Lock-Notch Connections resist corrosion and lock into place for maximum durability and reliability
• Color-Coded Connectors give you simple, error-free hookup of home theater system surround sound speakers
• Large Copper Conductors deliver all the power your speakers need for larger-then-life sound and true-to-life dialogue
• Heavy-Duty Duraflex Jacket for enhanced durabililty, flexibilty and ease of installation
*Based on comparison with popular, all-in-one home theater speaker wire.

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Sound System

On the 22nd of December, which is a Saturday. My brother and I went to Ikano to have our hair cut. When I was done, I went for a walk while waiting for my brother as he was not done yet. I walk into Harvey Norman (HV) to look at the sound systems they have there. After looking, I went and see if my brother was done and I told him about the sound system I saw. Then my brother said lets go have a look, we were in HV for about 1 hour as we went here and there again and again to look for the best sound system.

After looking for hours, we saw a JVC Micro sound system which cost around 2.7k. Then we ask the assistant there to come and I told my brother that why not get this as it has an amplifier in it. The assistant heard and he tell us why not get Yamaha which cost lower and the sound quality is better. Then we said "ok", so he took us to a sound room where all the Yamaha Sound System is in it.

He showed us one of the sound system, then we try it out. It was a 5.1 sound system and it surely cost lower than the JVC Micro sound system. After a long talk with my brother, my brother ask that guy if he can reduce the price some more. That guy said "ok", then we told him we want to think..think then my brother followed me the nearest ATM to take out the amount that have been agreed.

That assistant told us that if we want to experience the best sound quality we need to buy a few cables. We told him that next larr... so he help us do all the process that was needed and got a book of voucher as we bought the sound system at such a price.

After buying the sound system, my brother said to me " lets go buy some DVD movies and try out our new sound system". I said "ok". It was around 7 at that time and we receive a call, it was my mum calling us for dinner at my Uncle's house. I told my mum we will be right there. After buying we head straight home to fixed up our sound system, it was then 7.15 and I receive another call it was my mum again rushing us. So i told my brother let go for dinner 1st.

After dinner we went to look for sound cables for about 1hour because there was not enough of cables. We were also looking for the cable that the assistant told us, but outside don't sell those kind of cables they only sell normal RCA cables.

After buying the cables, we head back home to continue setting up the sound system. It took bout an hour to set up the whole thing. Finally we can enjoy, we watch a movie that we just bought to try out our new sound system.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sudden Purchase

On the 20th December 07 was a holiday (Hari Raya Qurban). I was sought of busy playing games in my uncle house. I don't quite remember why I was in my uncle house but I what I can remember was that my brother came up and show me something. It was a flyer from Courts Mammoth telling people that it was their grand opening that day and they giving out free Ipod Shuffle in exchange of an apple.

Courts Megastore @ Mutiara Damansara

Immediately my brother and I went out and buy some apples hoping that we can exchange the apple for an Ipod Shuffle. Once we were there, quickly we went in looking for the place to exchange our apple for the Ipod. So I went to the help desk and ask where is the counter, they told me that I came too late as all the Ipod had been exchanged.

So my brother and I decide to walk around and see what was cheap, ground and 1st floor was mainly electronic stuff. When we was at the 1st floor we saw a Plasma T.V that was around 200 inch which is from the floor up to the ceiling, and we went on looking at the different brands of LCD TV. When we went down to the ground floor we saw few LCD TVs selling at a very cheap price, at that point my brother and me looked at each other then I say to my brother lets get one since it is so cheap. So we went and see the features of those different LCD TV, then we decided to get Samsung as the one we saw the colour was sharp and clear. Without think twice we decided to buy that LCD TV with extended warranty of 3 years, which of course cost extra. On the way to the exit we also bought a DVD player.

Samsung LCD TV

After payment we hand carry our new LCD TV to the car which is parked near the building. We had difficulty putting in the LDC TV into the car, as the car door was just big enough for the LCD TV to go in, if the LCD TV was 1 inch more we would need to use the delivery service. So when everything is fixed we try out our new LCD TV and also DVD Player, and we found that the sound wasn't that good as it is only from the TV speaker. So my brother ask me to bring down my Philips Speaker and try out, it surely sounds better, so we decided to buy a sound system. On that day itself we spent around RM3.7k